RECOG: Text Recognition

Mar 12, 2020. | By: Admin

RECOG: Recognize text in any Latin-based language with deep learning methods.

  • You are reading a document, you want to convert it into text?
  • You are reading a book, you meet a good quote, you want to cite this quote?
  • You are reading a foreign language, you want to translate it?
  • You want to scan a book, a document, a paper, …?

… RECOG will help you.

RECOG features:

  • Text recognition: Recognize text in any Latin-based language with deep learning methods.
  • Translate text: Dynamically translate text between 59 languages.
  • Quote maker: Turns meaningful words into beautiful images in seconds.
  • Project manager: Scan multiple texts and save to your projects.

RECOG is now available as Pre-order on the App Store.

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Releasing iDev version 2.0

Nov 22, 2019. | By: Admin

iDev: The best iOS development news!

We’re excited to announce the launch of iDev version 2.0. In this release, we focus on building a simpler and more modern interface, with a series of new features.

iDev new features:

  • Latest NEWS: Stay up to date with the latest news, hottest topics, coolest tips, and more with iDev.
  • Amazing Libraries: The best, most popular, easiest to use libraries for developing your new applications.
  • Online Courses: Great courses to help you improve your iOS programming skills, with enough level from beginner to advance.
  • Interview Questions: A collection of frequently asked interview questions for iOS programmers covering all the topics …

iDev 2.0 is now available on AppStore.

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AliTrends: AliExpress Trending

Jun 20, 2019. | By: Admin

AliTrends: Product Trending on AliExpress

Are you wondering about choosing products to sell on your online store? Which product is hot? Which product is the trend?

AliTrends is the best application in tracking trends on AliExpress. With AliTrends you can see the bestselling products, hottest products, and popular trends in AliExpress.

AliTrends will help you:

  • Explore the top categories and best selling products of each category.
  • Discover the hot selling products.
  • Analyze market with statistics charts.
  • Search and select the exact products as you want.

AliTrends is now available on AppStore.

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Quoto: Beautiful Quotes Photos

Apr 20, 2019. | By: Admin

Quoto: The world’s largest collection of quotations!

A perfect combination of meaningful quotations and beautiful photos that created Quoto.

With over 50,000 quotes and 800,000 beautiful photos, you will choose your own quotations and the most appropriate photos.

Quoto is now available to download on AppStore.

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